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About Utilities Service Group

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Utilities Service Group is an Omaha based company that specializes in Closed Circuit Televising (CCTV) of storm and sanitary sewer systems.  Founded in 1987, USG has been providing service to the Omaha area for over 30 years.  We pride ourselves in owning and maintaining quality equipment, and providing exceptional and swift service to our clients.


Our CCTV trucks are equipped with CUES pan/tilt and DUC cameras paired with GNet (GraniteNet) by CUES software.  These trucks are capable of producing high resolution videos of new construction, as well as existing, storm and sanitary sewers.  This technology is crucial for proper inspection and maintenance of a healthy sewer system.

We also have a fleet of jet/vacuum combo trucks to provide sewer cleaning and vacuuming services.  We currently have 5 trucks in service that are ready to assist clients in routine cleaning, as well as  24/7 emergency sewer plug services 365 days a year.

USG is a member of NASSCO, the National Association of Sewer Service Companies, and our CCTV operators maintain individual certifications in order to adhere to industry standards.

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