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Utilities Service Group (USG) can help you with your storm and sanitary sewer inspections and cleaning.  Our services include: Closed Circuit Televising (CCTV), storm and sanitary sewer cleaning, storm and sanitary sewer vacuuming, mandrel testing, hydro excavation, as well as sewer emergency and recovery services.  Please call us with any job that you believe USG could provide service.

CCTV Televising
Pipe Jet Cleaning
Jet/Vacuum          Cleaning
Mandrel Testing

USG utilizes the latest CCTV camera technologies in order to provide the best quality videos for our clients.  We use CUES cameras and crawlers that allow color/pan and tilt/zoom, as well as a DUC camera,

paired with CUES software to provide accurate videos, photos, and coding notes to locate potential problems.  Our CCTV operators are NASSCO certified, and strive to provide accurate information in order to meet the needs of customers.

Our current fleet of Jet/vacuum combo trucks are equipped to get storm and sanitary sewer cleaning done right.  We have everything you need in order to jet clean sanitary sewers, storm sewers, storm inlets, and other underground fixtures.  We also provide root cutting with our jet trucks.  

Even with vigilant and timely sewer cleaning, solids can build up in sewer pipes.  In order to ensure the removal of solid materials, vacuum cleaning is recommended along with jet cleaning.  Our fleet of jet/vacuum combo trucks are equipped to thoroughly clean all pipes, inlets, and manholes to allow the sewer system to flow as freely as possible.

USG jet truck operators are available to mandrel test sewer pipes to ensure proper shape throughout the pipe run.  Our jet trucks push the mandrel through the pipe run using water pressure, and if any defects are found, our CCTV trucks can be utilized to show the exact location and type of defect to ensure a proper repair.

         Flood Recovery

Heading 5

Hydro Excavation

Lateral Inspection and Cleaning

  Easement Machine

USG has been actively assisting businesses and local municipalities with flood recovery for many years.  Our jet/vacuum combo trucks can provide assistance removing mud and debris from different types of structures.  We are also available for storm and sanitary pipe cleaning as a part of flood recovery.

Our fleet of jet/vacuum combo trucks are set up for soil hydro excavation.  By using pressurized water and vacuum, the combo trucks can safely break up and remove soil to safely dig in sensitive areas.  The use of water and vacuum in this process reduces the risk to underground utilities.

USG also maintains a self leveling lateral launch camera to inspect lateral pipe runs.  From the main pipe run, we can send our lateral launch CCTV camera into the lateral for inspection.  USG can also clean these laterals with a high pressure hose using the camera to guide the operator and allow cleaning hose access to the lateral.

Sometimes sewer manholes

are in a location that is a challenge, or even impossible to access with a typical jet/vacuum combo truck.  For those instances USG utilizes an easement machine which we can use to clean or unplug pipe in more difficult to access locations.  If you have a sewer pipe in an area that is hard to reach, the easement machine may allow access to the manhole that is needed for cleaning the pipe.

DUC Camera

TV Truck Tap/Root Cutter

         CUES LOCK 

No Dig Point Repairs

Locate Service

USG has a Digital Universal Camera (DUC) which gives the CCTV customer another possibility when it comes to high quality CCTV pipe inspection

USG maintains a CCTV truck which is outfitted with a CUES Currahee Cutter.  The Currahee Cutter can be utilized to remove protruding laterals, remove roots, and to clear other blockages and debris.  It can also be used to reinstate laterals into CIPP liners.

Using the CUES LOCK system, USG can perform structural point repairs to sewer pipes without digging.  The trenchless repair technology uses stents, sleeves, and sealers to repair the sewer pipe with no digging required.

USG provides location services in various sizes of buried pipe.  Our cameras are equipped with a sonde, which allows operators to determine underground location of pipes and laterals.

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