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Jet/Vacuum Combo Trucks

CCTV Trucks

Utilities Service Group currently maintains a fleet of 3 CCTV trucks in order to allow quick service to our customers.  Our CCTV trucks are equipped with CUES software and pan/tilt and DUC cameras to provide accurate and clear videos of sewer pipe and sewer structures.  Our cameras are capable of navigating pipe of 6" and larger.

Information, photos and high quality video from the CCTV trucks can be stored on a flash drive or hard drive for fast and easy retrieval.  The data from the videos and photos, as well as notes and coding entered by CCTV operators, will provide the necessary information to streamline your project and aid in assuring quality of work.

Jet/Vacuum Combo Trucks

USG's fleet of 5 jet/vacuum combo trucks is always available to meet your needs.  Our trucks are equipped for many services including cleaning, mandrel tests, vacuum services, hydro excavating, and are always available 24/7/365 for emergency services.

Our late model jet/vacuum combo trucks have the flexibility and capability of pressurized water needed to provide proper cleaning of both sanitary and storm sewer systems, as well as strong vacuums to remove solid materials that have been removed from pipes during the jet cleaning process.


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